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Certificate request

The Banco de España, as a Certification Service Provider, may issue electronic certificates for entities with which it exchanges information telematically. Said certificates are called certificates of computer components for external entities, and they may be obtained through this page.

There are two ways to access the computing application for requesting and obtaining the certificates by internet (known as OCI):

Authenticated access based on a certificate

Access without authentication

  • The application may be accessed using this method with no need to hold an electronic certificate.
  • In this case the certificate application to the Banco de España will be made on paper and will be hand-signed. Therefore, only applications signed by a person who is already included in the Banco de España as a representative of the entity for which the certificate is requested will be accepted.
  • Use this access channel if you have been directed to do so by law or directly by the Banco de España department have relations with. The hand-signed application document must be sent to that Department.
  • Application user manual in case of access without authenticationAbre en nueva ventana
  • Access the application without authenticationAbre en nueva ventana

Revocation of a certificate

An electronic certificate may cease to be reliable before its expiry date. There are several reasons why this situation may occur: Suspicion that someone has used the certificate in a fraudulent way, that the password is known to an unauthorised person, etc. In these cases, we strongly recommend that you request the revocation of the certificate.

You may request the revocation of a certificate by accessing the computing application to request and obtain certificates by the access with certificate section indicate above, or by following these steps:

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