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Certificates accepted

This page describes which electronic certificates issued by Certification Service Providers (CSPs) are generally accepted for exchanging information with the Banco de España.

However, only one of the certificates stated may be accepted for each of the specific electronic services offered by the Banco. We recommend reading the documentation relating to each service in order to learn the corresponding details.

Accepted Certification Authorities

Certification Authorities issuing accepted certificates for exchanging information with Banco de España are: 

Detailed list of accepted certificates

The document below details the accepted certificates in Banco de España, with the following classification:

  • Natural person certificates.
  • Legal person or legal person representative certificates.
  • Technical component certificates.

Accepted certificates Enlace PDF: Abre en nueva ventana (271 KB)

New certificates acceptance procedure

Banco de España will accept new qualified certificates issued by Trust Services Providers on its own if its users or clients need these.

Those Trust Services Providers not being accepted by Banco de España and who would be interested in being so will have to fill this Contact formAbre en nueva ventana containing the following information:

  • Certification Policies and Practices applicable to the certificate which acceptance is requested.
  • At least one sample active and revoked certificates of the profile which acceptance is being requested, including their private keys.
  • A reference of the acknowledgement of the Trust Service Provider status by the National Supervisory Body (in Spain, Secretaría de Estado para la Sociedad de la Información y la Agenda Digital, del Ministerio de Energía, Turismo y Agenda Digital) and the TSL where it might be found.
  • Classification that in the opinion of the requestor Trust Service Provider corresponds to the certificate.
  • Any other information that could be of interest for the validation and parse of the information contained in the certificate.

Due to the technical, operative and economic limitations in Banco de España PKI and Digital Signature services, certain activities must be prioritised to be able to offer a good service. For this reason, keep in mind the considerations below in the acceptance of new certificates:

  • Requests will be prioritised by reception date.
  • A maximum of 5 new certificates (5 OIDs) will be accepted for each TSP during a 6 months period. Beyond this limit, the acceptance of new requests will have to wait for the other TSP requests having being processed.
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